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BOCA's premier golF & FITness performance facility

What is IHP Golf? 

The widely renown Institute for Human Performance is pleased to announce it’s newest division: IHPGolf. We are not Golf Pros.  We specialize in functional fitness training under the tutelage of Juan Carlos Santana who has earned the world wide reputation as the “father of functional training”.  We train athletes, amateurs and professionals in several sports from Baseball to MMA. Now comes IHP Golf!

Image by Zachary Tan

If your desire is to reduce three putts, flop it up and down over a bunker or strike it more solidly, go see your local PGA Professional. However, if you feel your body is restricting your progress, this is where we do come in.


Each one on one session will be customized to meet your goals. Most players come to us for increased flexibility (a bigger shoulder turn), enhanced stability to help you create the necessary torque in the load position thus adding power. We provide training techniques to increase club head speed, add balance to your swing, provide greater strength and help you achieve an overall, elevated  level of fitness.


You'll be amazed at how much more you can get out of the game if you're body isn’t working against you. This is true for Players of all ages and all levels, but it is especially true as you get a little older.


We will provide these customized work out sessions, but you will do the work.  Now grip it and rip it!

From the takeaway to the follow-through, golf is all about getting the body in the right position and the right time, this is the essence of power and consistency. Our power endurance program will allow you to play 18 holes on Sunday and be ready for work on Monday. Our Golf Specific Training Program leaves no stone left unturned.

How will IHP Golf help my golf game?

Image by sydney Rae

Most golf “strength training and conditioning” programs:

  • Are performed lying down on benches or sitting on machines.

  • Move in a single plane of motion.

  • Concentrate on muscles not movement.

  • Work on balance in en effort to create power.

  • Work the abdominals and back

Come meet with our IHP GOLF TEAM or contact us below to set up an appointment.

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