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Physical Therapy Session

ON SITE Physical TherapY AT IHP WITH Dr. Joseph Sobucki

About Sobucki Physical Therapy

Sobucki Physical Therapy provides dynamic, patient-centered treatment focused on helping patients meet their specific goals. In today’s complex medical world, helping people navigate their way back from injury is my number one priority. Patient goals are achieved through targeted manual therapy, functional dry needling, myofascial decompression (cupping), progressive exercise programs and injury-specific mobility work.



  • Orthopedics || Sports Injuries

In a world that has become increasingly sedentary, Dr. Sobucki understands the importance of the phrase, “movement is medicine.” He works to help provide the highest quality of care and education to patients while helping to ease pain through a multitude of intervention techniques. 

  • Personal/Sports Performance Training

There is a lot of overlay when it comes to physical therapy and personal training. Physical therapy is more specific to help an injured or affected area of the body and is typically thought of as a predecessor to personal training.

  • Vertigo || Vestibular Rehabilitation

After moving to South Florida, Dr. Sobucki realized that there were no therapists specializing in vestibular rehabilitation. This includes the treatment of peripheral vertigo such as BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). 

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