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Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain and Reclaim Your Active Life with IHP!


At The Institute of Human Performance (IHP), we understand the challenges that lower back pain can pose in your daily life. That's why we're excited to offer you a life-changing opportunity to wake up pain-free, regain your mobility, and embrace the activities you love.


Does Back Pain Keep You From:

  • Living a pain-free life:

    • Getting out of bed in the morning

    • Picking things up

    • Sitting

    • Walking

  • Participating in recreational activities, such as:

    • Golf

    • Tennis / Pickleball

    • Swimming

    • Biking

    • Basketball

    • Softball

    • Bowling

  • Working or traveling without pain:

    • Getting in and out of transportation

    • Handling long flights and car rides

    • Handling luggage and other bags

    • Etc

There is a great chance that your back pain can be greatly reduced or eliminated altogether. People don't know that most cases of back pain are what we call "mechanical" or "non-organic." This means your back pain is most likely not due to a serious condition, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture, or cancer. Therefore, with proper movement, it is likely you will fully recover if there are no complications. There is a low percentage of individuals where reoccurrences are common, and an even smaller percentage of people whose lower back pain becomes chronic and disabling. But even in these individuals, proper training will most likely improve function with similar or improved symptoms.

Another great aspect of the IHP Lower back program is that you will not have to wait long to feel improvement. It is not uncommon for a lower back pain client to experience improvements with one session at IHP.

The Institute of Human Performance Can Help!


Our Approach is Different

While there are a lot of exercise programs and treatment options available to address back pain, many treatments only address the symptoms without dealing with the long-term cause of back pain. One common mistake is to avoid a necessary functional movement. Although short term avoidance of a movement may allow an inflammatory response to calm down, if the movement is necessary to function in daily activity, such as picking up a child and placing them in a car seat, one has to DEVELOP THE FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH to be able to perform this necessary function. This is where IHP Training comes in. We are the world leader in functional training and we are very effective a braking down movements and safely training them in order to being function back into our client’s lives.


If we can deal with these lower back cases, we can deal with yours!

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