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Online Workout

Online Personal TrainING IN REAL TIME IS HERE!

Online Workout

We listen to our community and understand your concerns.

Now, IHP has added Personal Training via Zoom or Facetime!

Missing your Personal Training sessions at IHP or your Gym?

Or maybe you want to start sessions?

No problem.

All done safely from you home! Read below on the benefits and how to get started.


Online IHP personal training is simply a virtual session with you and your online personal trainer. Delivered to you at home (or anywhere) over the internet, using video conferencing tools like Zoom™, Facetime ™, Whatsapp™ or Skype™.

Your online IHP personal trainer will demonstrate, motivate and coach you through your workout, as they would in person in each virtual PT session your online trainer will ensure you get a great workout focusing on your custom workout program. 

  • Tailored for you:

No matter your goals, your Fitness Inside Out online personal trainer will tailor your program specific to your needs. Whether it is for weight loss, build strength, flexibility, or just fit into your favorite jeans again.

  • No Equipment Needed:

Being online specialist your personal trainer is experienced in creating a workout using little or no equipment. However if you have your own weights, yoga mat, resistance bands, treadmill, or home bike your trainer can incorporate it into the session.

  • Nutritional Programming:

Nutrition is the foundation of health and wellbeing. Talk to your IHP trainer about what nutritional guidance you may need.

Home Fitness


To get started we recommend a Online Trial Meet and Greet . In this session you will meet your online trainer before making a ongoing commitment. Your trainer will help you set your goals and complete a mini workout to give you a taste of what is to come.

Fill out the form below with the Subject line "Online Trainer" and our staff will contact you shortly. 

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